General Info

Welcome to the Randolph Youth Track 2015 season. If your child turns 6 by 12/31/2015, they are eligible to participate. Age at which child competes (age group) is determined by the age they turn in 2015.

If your child turns 6 any time this year they are eligible to participate. The age at which they will compete, "age group", is determined the age they turn this year. For example, a child who turns 7 in September of this year will compete as a 7 year old.

Born in 2009 - run as 6 yr old
Born in 2008 - run as 7 yr old
Born in 2007 - run as 8 yr old

Born in 2010 - not eligible to participate
Born in 2006 - not eligible for Clinic - eligible for big program- see

Please remember to dress weather appropriate. Layers of breathable garments are essential. Always bring plenty of fluids regardless of temperature. A pair of quality athletic sneakers in good condition is advisable.

It is not necessary to inform us if you can not make a practice.

All schedule changes and cancellations and other information will be posted on this blog page. Please check routinely and prior to practices and meets.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Misc Items

Great job tonight!  Hope the kids like all their ribbons.  Don't forget.  End of season celebration is next Thurs. 6/4.  Randolph Middle School 6pm. Bring your own dinner and a dessert to share.  The participants will receive a participant certificate, picture(if they were present at the practice and meet when we took the photos), times report with all times/jumps listed for entire season, and a medal.  Hope you all can make it.  See you next Thurs.  Happy weekend.  Thanks for sharing your children with us.

Meet Is On!

Meet is on.  Please don't come until between 5:15 and 5:30pm.  Forecast is for scattered thunderstorms until 5pm with 0% chance of precip. after that.  Fingers Crossed!

Final determination for tonights meet to be made at 3:30pm

We will post the final decision regarding cancellation of tonight's meet at 3:30pm.  As of now plan on the meet being on.

Tonight's Meet

As of now weather forecast is for scattered thunderstorms 3-6pm with 25% chance of precip. after 6pm. The decision regarding cancelling meet will not be made until 3-4pm.   Please keep checking back on blog during the day and definitely check right before leaving for the meet.  We also still need 2 timers and long jump help.  Please see Maryellen at meet to help.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Ribbon Meet - Thurs 5/28

Our last meet of the season is this Thurs May 28th(not Friday)at Randolph High School. All participants receive a ribbon at the end of the meet for each event they participate in. Please arrive between 5:00pm and 5:15pm so we can get our long jump jumps in before the meet starts.

We still need volunteers -
2 Timers, 3 Long Jump, 1 Boy Mover

Please email to help with the above open slots.

Please remember to wear your Randolph track t-shirt and nametag. We will have the snack bar open to buy drinks, candy and chips, if interested.

Season Wrapping Up - Misc Info

Tues - practice

Thurs - Ribbon Meet - This is our last meet. It is a very fun way to end the season. At the end of the meet, each participant receives a ribbon for each event they participated in. Long Valley and Mendham will be attending. Please come at 5pm so we can get the long jump completed before the meet starts.

We need volunteers. Please email Maryellen at to help.

4 people to write out the ribbons so the kids can take them home with them. May not seem like a big deal but it is a very big deal to 6,7, 8 yr olds so please help.
5 timers
2 runners- volunteer will collect times from the timers and bring to the ribbon writing table
4 long jump - if you can come at 5pm that would be great. We can get our kids to complete the long jump before the meet actually starts. Once long jump is done the long jump volunteers job is done as well.
1 home base
3 girl movers
3 boy movers

Thurs 6/4 - End of season bring your own dinner and a dessert to share. RMS cafeteria 6pm. Please have the participants wear their Randolph track t-shirt.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Reminder Relay Meet at Jefferson Cancelled

Please be reminded there is no meet tonight at Jefferson. See you all at practice tomorrow.