General Info

Welcome to the Randolph Youth Track 2017 season. If your child turns 6 by 12/31/2017, they are eligible to participate. Age at which child competes (age group) is determined by the age they turn in 2017.

If your child turns 6 any time this year they are eligible to participate. The age at which they will compete, "age group", is determined the age they turn this year. For example, a child who turns 7 in September of this year will compete as a 7 year old.

Born in 2011 - run as 6 yr old
Born in 2010 - run as 7 yr old
Born in 2009 - run as 8 yr old

Born in 2012 - not eligible to participate
Born in 2008 - not eligible for Clinic - eligible for big program- see

Please remember to dress weather appropriate. Layers of breathable garments are essential. Always bring plenty of fluids regardless of temperature. A pair of quality athletic sneakers in good condition is advisable.

It is not necessary to inform us if you can not make a practice.

All schedule changes and cancellations and other information will be posted on this blog page. Please check routinely and prior to practices and meets.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Pick up at Runner's Haven

Congrats on a great season! If you didn't make it to the end of season celebration you can pick up your medal, certificate, times report, and picture at Runner's Haven 477 Rt 10 E Randolph in same strip mall as Party City. M-F 10am-7pm, Thurs 10am-8pm, Sat 10am-5pm, Sun 1pm-5pm. See you all next year. Enjoy your summer!

Monday, May 23, 2016

End of Season Celebration Tonight

Reminder - Tonight is the end of season bring your own dinner and a dessert to share celebration at 6:30pm at Ironia. Hope you all can make it!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Clinic Ribbon Meet and End of Season Celebration

Looks like Mother Nature will cooperate for our meet tonight. This is a really fun meet and I hope you all can make it. Thank you everyone who stepped up and volunteered. Below are the assignments. Please check in with me upon arrival. We are trying to get our kids done with the long jump before the meet even starts so that the parent long jump volunteers can enjoy watching the rest of the meet. Don't forget Monday, May 23rd is the end of season celebration with a bring your own dinner and dessert to share at Ironia cafe/auditorium at 6:30pm. Your child will receive a medal, certificate, photo(if present on photo day), and a times report with the times from the season's meets.

FYI - The snack bar will be open for tonight's meet. Water, gatorade, soda, coffee, hot tea, hot cocoa, chips, candy, and a limited number of pizza slices (10 pies in total) are available for purchase.

Below are the volunteers for tonight's meet -
Timers - Semler, Wysocki, Sousa, Nitulescu
Long Jump - still need 1 - Goldstein, Tepperman, Schmidt and ?
Girl Movers - Yankiwski, Khattab, Ball
Boy Movers -Li, Kristin and Matt Dalton, Schoenherr
Ribbon Writers - Bowman, Covalesky, Kolbik, Lyons
Result Runners - Lamb, Hollander
Home Base - Rossi, Swanick

Thank you again for volunteering.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Thurs May 19th Ribbon Meet

Thursday's Ribbon Meet is at home. We are hosting 3 other towns so the meet will be busy. The meet starts at 6pm for the running events. Please have your child there at 5pm to long jump. This will make the meet run smoother and be more enjoyable for the parents. The volunteers at the long jump pit will then be able to see their children run. Each participant will receive a ribbon at the end of the night for each event they participate in. Order of events are 800, 50, 200. We will not be doing the 4x100. If time permits we will do the shuttle relay at the end. The snack bar will be open for drinks, and candy/chips etc.. No hot food will be served. We need more volunteers for this meet than normal. 22 parent volunteers are needed. Please email with the assignment of your choice. If you haven't volunteered yet, please do so for this meet.

Timers - 4 needed
Home Base - 2 needed
Girl Movers - 3 needed
Boy Movers - 3 needed
Long Jump - 4 needed - We will start the long jump at 5pm so please arrive early to get your jumps in.

Result Runner - new job for this meet only - Need 2
Person can not have a sibling with them. Person collects the results from the timers after each heat and brings them over to the table for writing out the ribbons.

Ribbon Writer - new job for this meet only - Need 2 girl ribbon writers, 2 boy ribbon writers
Person writes out the name and time on a ribbon for each Randolph participant. Each town has their own ribbon writers. Table is set up by the finish line.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Monday May 16th practice now away meet at Morris Knolls

Monday's practice has been changed to a make-up meet with Rockaway away at Morris Knolls High School. If you volunteered to work Friday's meet we have you volunteering for Monday's meet. If you can not volunteer, please find your own replacement and email with the change.

Volunteers for the meet are as follows:

Timers - Semler, Pierce, Taggart, Nitulescu
Home Base - Gross, Rawat
Girl Movers - Yankiwski, Khattab, Goldstein
Boy Movers - Barrett, Dalton(both parents), Jewusiak
Long Jump - Tepperman, Veljkovic
Recorder - Lamb, Reed

Friday, May 13, 2016

Meet is Cancelled

Mother Nature has not cooperated this year. The meet is cancelled. Have a nice weekend.

Today's Meet Friday May 13th

Rockaway, the host town, is not going to make a final decision about whether the meet is on/off until 4pm today. Please check back for update. FYI- traffic on Franklin Rd/Rt10 gets backed up so leave plenty of time to arrive at meet. We still need 3 girl movers. Thank you to all who volunteered Monday night to work tonight's meet.